Free modem, the decision of the Tar of Lazio arrives: what changes

The TAR of Lazio has rejected the appeal of TIM and Wind 3 on the issue of free modem. Here's what changes for users

Good news for fixed network users: the Lazio Regional Administrative Court has rejected the appeal of Tim and Wind 3 against Agcom's resolution 348/18/CONS that allowed the use of a free modem to connect to the Internet.

The operators had appealed to the Tar of Lazio, but in recent months Vodafone and Fastweb had decided to parade and accept the resolution of the Authority for the guarantees in communications.

Now comes also the decision of the Tar of Lazio that gives reason to AGCOM. The rulings against TIM and Wind 3 were published on January 28, 2020 and come after two years since the beginning of the affair, which could still continue in court if the phone operators decide to appeal to the Council of State. What does it change for users? A lot. And only for the better. There is no longer any reason to continue to pay the rent of the modem provided by the telephone operator: it will be possible to send it back and decide to use a free router.

Free modem, what changes with the judgment of the Tar of Lazio

As told by La Repubblica, the first newspaper to report the news, many users who in recent months had changed telephone operator have received a final super bill of over 300 euros for the cancellation and payment of the router. Bill that following the latest indications, violates what decided by Agcom. The resolution of the Authority, in fact, states that operators should propose to the user the change without charge of their offer in an equivalent where there is no payment for the rental of the modem. Alternatively, they should allow the end user to withdraw from the contract without any type of additional cost, other than the return of the modem itself.

The Tar has accepted only part of the operators' appeal: customers are not obliged to keep the modem free of charge after termination, they can return it or purchase it.

Home Internet contract: what changes for users

The Lazio Tar ruling also clarifies another point: those who activate a new Internet contract can also use an alternative modem. On this point, however, telephone operators have already adapted and leave freedom of choice to the new customer. There are still some obscure points to clarify, but the judgment of the Tar of Lazio is a good point from which to start.