Free Netflix on Android: the incredible hoax that runs on Google

On Google's news feed not always the quality of the proposed articles is top, but this time it has gone perhaps a little too far: Netflix for free?

For a few hours, lovers of streaming movies and TV series with an Android smartphone are probably seeing a news, which will seem like a dream, at the top of the Google Discover feed. That is, that news feed, extremely personalized, which can be accessed by swiping from the home of almost all Android smartphones.

The news has a title that definitely catches clicks: "Netflix, becomes free on Android devices | The official statement makes users go crazy". It is a colossal hoax, published by a site that has as its name the merger of the names of two famous Italian newspapers, one of which is also imitated in the font used. The thing that most upsets, in this story, is not so much that a site publishes a hoax like this to get clicks, as that this content clearly false is passed by Google within its Discover and, moreover, among the first news offered (if not the first, even). All this just a few days after the launch of a new Google algorithm, called "Anti Spam Update". If hoaxes aren't spam, what are they then?

Netflix free on Android: the press release that doesn't exist

In the content published by the site in question (calling it an article seems to us insulting to those who write articles) it is stated that "With an official press release, Netflix becomes free on Android devices". There is no official press release, in any of the Netflix sites for the press there is this resounding announcement.

On the social networks of the streaming platform, needless to say, there is no trace of the news because, in fact, it is a hoax.

Netflix for free on Android: yes, if you live in Kenya

To tell the truth, maybe the person who wrote the hoax-content lives in Kenya and, then, he's right: on September 20, in fact, Netflix has actually announced the beginning of an experiment reserved for the African country that, coincidentally, consists precisely in free Netflix for Android devices.

If, on the contrary, whoever wrote that content lives in Italy like us and our readers should know that not only Netflix doesn't become free, but since a few days it costs even more: the platform has in fact slightly increased the cost of subscriptions for Italian users, going from 11.99 to 12.99 euros for the Standard plan and from 15.99 to 17.99 euros for the Premium plan.