Freedrum, the sensors to play the drums wherever you want

It takes about 90 euros to buy smart sticks that allow you to play the drums without disturbing the neighbors

What if two sticks and a pair of headphones were enough to play the drums? For those who love this instrument, it would be a dream. And thanks to Freedrum sensors, it's now possible. On the subway, during the break from work or in our room, there are countless places where we can use these instruments without disturbing others.

Seeing you like this, while you move the wooden sticks in the air sitting on a park bench, someone could even think badly of you. In reality, thanks to special sensors, Freedrum allows you to play drums without the use of a drum kit. To hear the sound of our performance just associate the sticks to a smartphone or a computer. Freedrum is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows 10 and MacOS. Also very important is the battery life of the drumsticks which can be used for 14 consecutive hours and will take only one hour to fully recharge them.

How Freedrum works

The developers assure that the sound quality and response of the controls faithfully reproduce the sound of a real drum kit. The sensors, based on the height at which we hit the air, sense whether we intend to play on the cymbals or the kettledrum. Freedrum was designed and assembled entirely in Sweden. At the moment, and until next June 30, is in pre-order on the website of the manufacturer. And to take home these smart chopsticks you need just under 90 euros for the basic version. While the Plus model costs about 180 euros. Shipments will start next September. In case of sold-out, the company will create a new campaign in the fall with shipments starting before Christmas.

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