Fret Zeppelin, the smart device that teaches you how to play the guitar

For those who want to learn to play the guitar quickly Fret Zeppelin is the ideal solution. It connects to the guitar and follows the user step by step

Learning to play guitar like your favorite artists is the dream of every music lover. But you know, not all dreams are achievable and especially it is not easy to find a good teacher who has the patience to teach their secrets "to the pupil".

With Fret Zepplin, however, it will not be necessary to take lessons from any master: the device is a smart accessory that connects to the guitar and allows you to learn in no time to play even the most complicated songs. The device is roughly reminiscent of Guitar Hero, the console game that allows users to turn into a real band and play the hits of their favorite singers. Fret Zeppelin was launched on Kickstarter to seek funds with which to finance the project: the goal was set at $ 48,000 and a few days after the conclusion of the campaign has collected more than $ 16,000.

How Fret Zeppelin works

(Taken from Kickstarter)

It took the American startup Edge Tech Labs more than five years to succeed in completing the first sample of Fret Zeppelin. At first, the device was supposed to be a real smart guitar that was supposed to help users learn to play the musical instrument in no time. As the project progressed, it changed to its current size. Fret Zeppelin is a smart device (click on the photo gallery above to see how it is made) that connects to any type of guitar and thanks to a hundred LED lights can teach users to play any piece of music. Depending on the chord to be played, the corresponding lights will come on.

Connected to smartphone

Logically, to work Fret Zeppelin needs to be connected via wireless connection to the smartphone. Thanks to the application developed by the U.S. startup, the user can decide which song to play or can improvise and check again on the device screen the chords played

Price and release date

Fret Zeppelin can be purchased directly on Kickstarter at a price of 199 dollars (just over 185 euros at current exchange rates) and shipments worldwide (including Italy) will begin in October 2017.

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