Friends: finally we have the date of the reunion

Matthew Perry the actor who plays Chanlder has published a wonderful news for all fans of the TV series: here are the details

The reunion of Friends will be done. After months of waiting and postponements due to the Covid-19 emergency, a few days ago was released a good news for all fans of the cult TV series. Friends is one of the most famous products of the last twenty years.

It aired for the first time on September 22, 1994 and since then has accompanied millions of people around the world for ten seasons. It has also influenced other similar shows, from The Big Bang Theory to New Girl to Scrubs. In fact, the show is characterized by hilarious scenes and humor and never trivial, capable of making school. In addition, the actors who made up the cast have become almost family to viewers, who will now finally be able to see them again in a special of about two hours. Courteney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), David Schwimmer (Ross), Matt LeBlanc (Joey) and Matthew Perry (Chanlder) are ready to get back behind the camera for the highly anticipated reunion. And now we also have the official date of commencement of filming.

Reunion Friends in 2021: the news seems official

We begin by saying that the news related to the reunion of the cast of Friends was given in February, but due to misunderstandings, extensions and postponements, also caused by the health emergency, has not yet seen the light.

The idea of seeing it anytime soon seemed shelved but instead the news finally arrived a few days ago.

Actor Matthew Perry, who plays Chandler in Friends, posted the news on Twitter: "The reunion has been rescheduled for early March. Looks like a busy year ahead. Just the way I like it."

These few words have sent fans into raptures, as they finally have a firm date for filming.

Friends Reunion: What It Will Be

It will be a special two-hour episode that will bring together the entire cast, series creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman and executive producer Kevin S. Bright. It will not be a real episode of the sitcom then, but more a sort of chat between friends and old colleagues, where they will remember the most representative scenes, but also behind the scenes and anecdotes related to those years.

The location will be the Theatre 24 of Warner Bros, which is the historic set of the TV series. Initially, filming was set for March 2020, but due to the Coronavirus, it was postponed. Later, August was speculated but even then, the meeting was not considered safe. And now, there is no two without three but we hope that the third date is the final one.

So the filming should take place in March 2021, but we still do not know the date of debut online and especially on which online platform will be possible to watch it in Italy.

So we just have to be patient and wait for more official news. In the meantime, however, you can watch many series similar to Friends on the different streaming platforms or watch episodes of the TV series on Netflix.