Friends Reunion: 5 curiosità svelate durante l’evento

L’attesissima Friends Reunion è arrivata e non ha deluso i fan: ecco 5 curiosità svelate dagli attori e dai creatori della serie Tv


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Uno speciale di 2 ore in cui attori e creatori dell’amata serie televisiva Friends si sono riuniti per la gioia dei fan. There are many curiosities revealed about the series during the Reunion, which was broadcast on May 27 in Italy on Sky and Now TV under the title The One Where They Get Back Together, in Italian "Quella volta che tornarono insieme".

An event that in addition to the presence of the full cast has seen the direction of Ben Winston, the producer of the original team of the show, along with Kevin S Bright, Marta Kauffman and David Crane. An unscripted special, which has taken the format of a documentary without a script in which the actors and producers have retraced the series pitting the funniest anecdotes and revealing several curiosities that fans could not imagine. Here are the five funniest trivia facts about Friends: The reunion that you need to know.

Friends Reunion: Courteney Cox used to write her lines on the table

To revive this anecdote is Matt LeBlanc, who plays Joey, who revealed how actress Courteney Cox (Monica) used to write her lines on the kitchen table of the set of her apartment. LeBlanc caught Cox in the act before recording a long monologue of Monica and as a joke he erased all the lines she had transcribed.

Cox then revealed that she used to hide the script everywhere to have it handy, even in the kitchen sink. In addition, the apartment was full of hidden hints, Cox explained, "I even put pieces of my dialogue between the apples."

Friends Reunion: the actors and souvenirs taken from the set

All the actors admitted to bringing home souvenirs of all kinds from the set. Jennifer Aniston took a neon coffee mug, while Matt LeBlanc still keeps a foosball. Among the funniest anecdotes, however, is the one involving Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry. The latter gave her Monica and Rachel's cookie jar on which was drawn a clock.

The choice falls on a very specific anecdote: a scene in which Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) had to leave suddenly from the apartment and to indicate that it was late, not having a clock, instinctively pointed to the cookie jar with the painted one while saying the line. When the scene was over, everyone started laughing out loud and she recounts, "When the scene was over, Matthew came up to me with a strange smirk on his face. He said, Did you really do what I think you did? Did you gesture toward the cookie jar like it was a real working clock&nbsp? And so we all started laughing out loud, because it was probably the stupidest thing I had ever done. I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard."

Friends Reunion: the rocky relationship between Ross and little monkey Marcel

Marcel, Ross' (David Schwimmer) cute little monkey, wasn't much loved by the actor. Little Marcel, whose real name is Katie, had difficulty executing commands, as Schwimmer explains, "The monkey was trained to do certain things at the right time in her assigned spots. But inevitably, as we changed the choreography all the time, the marks would get messed up and the monkey wouldn't do its job right. So we'd have to redo clapperboard after clapperboard, because the monkey wasn't getting it right. It kept happening: we were bringing home something really funny, but the monkey was always in the wrong place in the shot."

Also, when the monkey was resting with his trainer, he would eat live larvae, then wipe his paws on Schwimmer's face, who recalls during Reunion, "I had paws of saliva and larva all over me... Marcel really broke it down!"

Friends Reunion: Monica and Chandler's love born from the audience

Monica and Chandler's relationship was supposed to be just a moment of madness from the two characters, but the audience loved that moment so much that the creators eventually decided to make it a permanent relationship. Marta Kauffman spoke of "such a powerful moment" to define the audience's reaction, "That reaction made us realize that we needed to explore it further."

Friends Reunion: Jennifer Aniston and what they told her about Rachel

The character of Rachel, the writers reveal, was the most complicated one because she might not have appealed to the audience, as Crane explains, "Put in the wrong hands, the character of Rachel might not be liked." After Jennifer Aniston was chosen, she had to extricate herself from the series Muddling Through, for which she had already filmed six episodes and was told, "That series won't make you a star." Seventeen years after that choice, it's safe to say that the predictions about Rachel and Aniston were definitely wrong.