From China the smartphone that folds into three parts: what it will look like

TCl is planning several foldable smartphones including one that folds into three different parts. Here's what it looks like and when it comes to market

The foldable smartphone industry is taking its first steps. Samsung has finally managed to launch its first device (the Galaxy Fold) and the same is going to do Huawei (with the Mate X). Samsung and Huawei, however, are not the only two companies that are investing in the sector, others are ready to enter launching innovative devices. Next could be TCL, a Chinese company little known in Italy but that has a good market share in the rest of the World.

The Chinese giant has shown at IFA 2019, the Berlin trade fair dedicated to consumer electronics, some prototypes of foldable smartphones. TCL is working on multiple tables to understand users' taste and come to market with a device that has the right features. Among the prototypes seen in Berlin there is one that has captured the attention of the press and users: a smartphone that folds into three parts. A real novelty for the entire industry. The device consists of two different hinges that connect three flexible screens that, when opened, go to form a ten-inch display.

The foldable smartphone from TCL

The most interesting aspect of TCL's flexible smartphone is its size and design. The device folds into itself in three parts thanks to the presence of two hinges that connect the different components of the smartphone panel. The size of each display is typical of a smartphone (about 5.5 inches), while once opened has the size of a tablet (10 inches). Larger than the solution proposed so far by Samsung with the Galaxy Fold (7.3 inches) and Huawei with the Mate X (8").

Although we do not know the data sheet nor the name of the flexible smartphone from TCL, the Chinese company has leaked some features. There are four cameras on the back, on the front there is only one photo sensor, while the headphone jack is absent. No information regarding processor, RAM, memory and especially the battery, the most important component when it comes to flexible devices.

When TCL's flexible smartphone comes out

The Chinese company plans to launch the first foldable devices next year. As of now, it is not known on which of the many developed prototypes will be chosen for the initial launch, but if it is the smartphone that folds into three parts it would definitely catch the attention of enthusiasts.