From iPhone RED to the new iPad Retina and mini, all the news from Apple

Apple presents two new devices: the iPhone 7 RED that allows you to raise funds to fight AIDS and the iPad 9.7 inch

The news was in the air for a couple of days, but now it's official: Apple is ready to launch new devices on the market. But this time no official presentation, the devices will be available for purchase from March 24 directly on the site of the Cupertino company and from the following week in Apple Stores.

The Cupertino company has launched a new model of iPad with Retina screen 9.7 inches and a battery life that exceeds twenty-four hours. In addition, there is also a new version of the iPad Mini 4 with 128GB of internal memory. Great news also on the smartphone front: a new version of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available completely red. I dispositivi andranno ad aggiungersi alla serie PRODUCT(RED), che raccoglie fondi da destinare al Fondo globale per la lotta all’AIDS. Per gli amanti degli smartphone con schermo piccolo, è stata lanciata anche una nuova versione dell’iPhone SE con memoria interna da 32GB e da 128GB.

Caratteristiche iPhone 7 e iPhone 7 Plus PRODUCT(RED)

apple-red-1.jpgFonte foto: Redazione

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Continua la collaborazione tra Apple e il Fondo globale per la lotta all’AIDS. L’azienda di Cupertino ha lanciato i nuovi iPhone 7 e iPhone 7 Plus total red. Non si tratta di una semplice cover: tutto il metallo è colorato di rosso. Per quanto riguarda il comparto hardware e fotografico, gli smartphone sono identici alla versione “normale”. They mount the A10 chipset and the Plus model features a dual rear camera that allows you to take wide-angle photos. To date, the PRODUCT(RED) series has raised more than 130 million euros for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, which has been used to purchase medicines for people in sub-Saharan Africa. The new total red models will be available on the Cupertino company's website from March 24 in 128GB and 256GB versions starting at €909.

Technical Specifications iPhone SE

Apple has decided to update the iPhone SE as well by launching two new models with 32GB and 128GB internal memory. The iPhone SE is the 4' inch model launched by the Cupertino company for nostalgic people of small smartphones. The devices will be available from March 24 on Apple's website at a price of 509 euros.

Features iPad 9.7″ with Retina Display

The big news of the iPad 9.7 inches is the Retina screen that will allow users to take full advantage of all the content available on the App Store. The device is designed for both the work environment and for kids who like to study with a digital medium. The tablet mounts an A9 chipset, while the front camera allows you to use FaceTime without any problem. The iPad will be available from March 24 on the company's website and from the following week in Apple Stores. For the 32GB model the price will be 409 euros, while for the 128GB version you will need to spend 569 euros.

New 128GB iPad Mini

Apple has also updated the iPad Mini 4 series, the tablet with a 7-inch screen dedicated to those who are always on the go. The available space grows up to 128GB, while the price remains the same as the previous version: for the Wi-Fi only model you have to shell out 489 euros, while for the Wi-Fi + Cellular version you will have to add 150 euros. The new iPad Mini 4 will also be available from March 24.