From Qwant to DuckDuckGo, how anonymous search engines work

The most popular search engines such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome do not help us protect anonymity and privacy, so here are the best alternatives

It is difficult nowadays to do a search on the Internet without using Google. The search engine of the Mountain View company lives in a kind of monopoly with over 90% of searches that are made through its service. A service, however, that does not safeguard the privacy of the users.

To navigate in anonymity and protect our information in the best way, it is better to use alternative search engines to the classical and most known ones. It is true, Google is more convenient. The search engine of Mountain View, in fact, is present in every device, from the home of the smartphone, up to that of laptops. And using it is really simple, just a click away. If we are "fixated" on privacy and computer security, however, we must waste a few minutes to use an alternative search engine for our smartphone or computer. Here are the best search engines that protect user privacy.


If you don't want someone to monitor your online habits, you can use DuckDuckGo, currently one of the best secure alternatives to Google Search. The search engine doesn't monitor your browsing and doesn't track your every search for commercial purposes. It is no coincidence that DuckDuckGo has experienced tremendous growth and is increasingly used as an alternative to Google.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is the "geek" among search engines. It knows practically everything. Of course Google also has an excellent percentage of correct answers based on the searches you make but Wolfram Alpha does much more. It can tell you precisely the exact position of the International Space Station or the score of a word in Scrabble. Plus, it's a math genius. He can solve fractions and perform probability calculations. Plus he knows every passage in the Bible by heart. More importantly, it does not track users' searches for commercial purposes.


StartPage also offers a number of useful features to protect the user's privacy. For example, it offers browsing via a proxy server to protect websites that try to track your IP address or location. It is very convenient to download because it can be added as an extension for Google or Firefox.


Qwant's special feature is that it does not use cookies or other tools to track users. The search engine is also graphically appreciable. In addition to the search bar, in fact, Qwant reports a series of news divided by category. Also, on the sidebar, you can customize your searches by choosing one of the sections.


Hulbee offers instant intelligent searches while not recording the user's location. Moreover, the searches are all encrypted. This way we avoid hacker attacks and data leaks from our browsing history.


This search engine works in a very similar way than the ones already described. It basically does not monitor location and does not save searches. It also doesn't allow sites to record our browsing. The real strong point of Gibiru, however, is its speed. It searches as if it didn't use the private features that usually slow down the display of results.


Lukol uses a proxy server to provide users with personalized search results and improves privacy by eliminating tracking and cookies. Cybersecurity researchers also recommend this search engine to protect against spam.