From the iPhone 11 to the iPad: what Apple presented on September 10

Lots of news at Apple: the Cupertino company launched the new iPhone 11, the seventh-generation iPad, Apple Watch 5 and two new services

Two hours of presentation in which Apple showed all the new devices that will be released between now and September 20. A keynote much awaited by Apple fans, eager to see what surprises the Cupertino company had in store. And there were very few surprises and news. On stage Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, launched the new range of smartphones iPhone 11 composed of three new devices, a seventh-generation iPad with a 10.2-inch screen, the fifth-generation Apple Watch, and has formalized the arrival of Apple Arcade and Apple TV +, two new services that enrich the Apple world.

On the new iPhone 11 we knew almost everything thanks to the anticipation and rumors published in recent weeks. The launch of the iPad week generation, however, was a coup de théâtre that no one expected. It is a fairly inexpensive model that goes to renew the lineup of tablets from the house of Apple. A simple hardware update, on the other hand, when it comes to the Apple Watch 5. The long-awaited sleep monitoring has not been implemented, while the Always On Display function arrives, which should not worsen the autonomy of the device.

The official pricing and the official launch of Apple Arcade and Apple Tv+ were probably the most interesting announcements of the evening. These are two new services designed for fans of video games and TV series. Apple, as well as a producer of hardware and software, becomes a producer of content with exclusive TV series. The price of the two services is very competitive: 4,99 dollars for the family subscription.