FrontRow, the camera that records our lives live

Fitted with two photo sensors, FrontRow is a device that also allows live streaming on Facebook or YouTube

Thanks mainly to smartphones any moment of our existence can be recorded and quickly broadcast online. Ubiquiti Labs has developed a device that further exaggerates the desire to capture every single moment: a wearable camera to attach to the neck.

A glance at the FrontRow, this is the name given to the unusual wearable, it seems to be in front of something really unique. The "pendant" - although compared to a normal clothing accessory is much larger and especially heavier - is designed to capture movies of different durations. The device integrates, in fact, two cameras: one front and one rear. So far, nothing special. What makes FrontRow an interesting device is the feature that mainly allows you to make live video streaming. The live streams can be transmitted on some of the most popular social platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Features FrontRow

At the top of the main part of the wearable is placed an 8-megapixel camera. The sensor allows the FrontRow to record video at 1080p. On the back side, on the other hand, a camera of only 5 MP is placed. Here it is not the sensor that is the most important element, but the almost two-inch screen. Recordings - both live and offline - can be started either via a button located on the edge of the device or by clicking on the virtual button on the display.

As mentioned, the FrontRow allows you to make live streaming on social networks. Everything is done thanks to the Bluetooth connection, which allows the wearable to connect with your smartphone. And that's not all. Live streams can also be made via Wi-Fi connection.

Not bad the other technical features. The cindol has, in fact, a storage of 32 GB. There is a USB type C port, to be used to transfer the data contained in the wearable camera. Alternatively, you can also use the two wireless connections.

Good also the battery which has an autonomy of two hours of recording (which decreases during live streaming).

A little 'high price of the FrontRow: to take it home - available in two different colors - are almost $ 400, about 342 euros according to the current exchange rate.