Funny TV series: the ones not to be missed

For those who want to have a laugh and relax on the couch the offer of funny TV series is high: here are three not to be missed

The funny TV series are not lacking, but in recent months have arrived new proposals not to be missed in streaming. Whether it's Prime Video or Netflix, there are plenty of TV series suitable for a good laugh for a truly relaxing evening available on the different platforms.

For those who love the comedy genre, Vita da Carlo is a series to watch. It is the first Italian television series created by Carlo Verdone with Nicola Guaglianone and Menotti, which reveals in an ironic and comical way some details of the life of the Italian actor and director, available for streaming on Prime Video. Another Italian comedy series to watch is definitely Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts, another Italian TV series created by Bindu de Stoppani for Netflix. On Now TV you can watch new episodes of Schitt's Creek: a hilarious and award-winning American comedy series.

Vita da Carlo

Carlo Verdone conceived and created a television series of the comedy genre for Amazon Prime Video, which quickly became a hit. The series Vita da Carlo focuses on the life of Verdone, who tells his story as an actor, director and screenwriter with irony and simplicity. Verdone's public image is mixed with that of a man who lives a frugal life and a rigid routine, with his passion for pharmacy and medicine, but above all with a paradoxical proposal: to run for mayor of Rome. The gags are not lacking along with real characters such as his friend Max Tortora, who plays himself, his wife, children, historical housekeeper and daughter's boyfriend, who soon becomes family. An entertaining television series that is well worth watching.

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Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts

Another series to watch is Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts, written and created by Bindu de Stoppani, which is based on the novel by Silvia Zucca. The protagonist of this comedy is Alice Bassi, played by Claudia Gusmano, who is looking for great love and fulfillment at work. A series that talks about friendship, romance, career, surreal encounters and that leaves room for great laughter and fun. All this is surrounded by a fundamental character: Tio, a soap opera actor and astrological guru who will bring an unexpected turn in the life of Alice, who works as a production assistant for a small television network. Episodes of Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts are available on Netflix.

Schitt's Creek

From wealthy American family to penniless in the Canadian province. Schitt's Creek tells the story of the Rose family who find themselves losing all their possessions except the small Canadian town of Schitt's Creek, where they take refuge to start a new life.

Johnny Rose is the father and video store tycoon, Moira his wife and former soap opera star, while children David and Alexa are a hipster and socialite respectively. When Johnny Rose is scammed and finds himself penniless, they are forced to flee to the small town and abandon all comforts, discovering a new life and giving many laughs to the fans back home.

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