Fuse 1, high definition 3D printing within everyone’s reach

Fuse1 is a 10K 3D printer that produces high quality home and hobby items using a variety of materials

What can you do to create home and hobby products at home while spending relatively little? Simple, just keep your eye on the Fuse 1 3D printer. We are talking about the first machine to create high quality products without spending thousands or millions of euros.

The printers for the hobby so far have had relatively low costs but the criticism of users has been directed in more than one case to the final quality of products. Due to the poor quality of the materials used, they were often unsuitable for everyday use. On the other hand, producing products for private, personal use with a professional printer is very expensive, not to mention the size of these machines. A professional-quality 3D printer currently costs between 200,000 and 5 million Euros. Now with Fuse 1, you can find a middle ground. A 10k 3D printer that prints good quality objects.

Fuse 1 Technical Features

The Fuse 1 is a 3D printer, which as mentioned costs just under 10k. With 20 thousand, however, you will have an extra piston in addition, a workstation for post-production work and nylon to immediately design and build our objects for the home or for our hobby. Formlabs, the manufacturing company, plans to start shipping these 3D printers in the spring of 2018. Be careful, however, because the models will be limited and to book them will need to commit just under a thousand euros right away. As for the objects that can be made, they can have dimensions up to 165 x 165 x 320 millimeters. As mentioned in the 20 thousand euro variant there is also a station for post-production work which allows you to wash the made models, pack them, prepare them for assembly with other parts. Fuse 1 has error detection, which is reported on apps designed for iOS and Android. Finally, a model with five built-in printers for industrial processes is planned, which will cost only 50 thousand euros.