Galaxy A31, the low-cost smartphone will have a super battery

The South Korean company is about to launch a new low-cost smartphone with an infinite battery. At the moment it is available in India, but should soon arrive here

The battery of the Galaxy A31, the new low-cost smartphone from Samsung of which is not yet known the date of release on the market, could last even two days with a light or even average use of the device. This is the belief of the site SamMobile, which came into possession of a photo of a battery Galaxy A31.

The photo, which in turn comes from the site SafetyKorea, depicts an official Samsung battery produced in late November, lithium-ion and with a capacity of 4,860 mAh. Of course, it is not certain that Samsung will actually integrate this type of battery on the A31 model: the production version may have different specifications. What is certain, however, is that Samsung is raising the average cut of the batteries present in its devices, as confirmed by the 4,000 mAh accumulator of the brand new Galaxy S20 or 5,000 mAh of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The future Galaxy A41, which will focus more on small size and lightness, will instead mount a 3,500 mAh battery. Which is still not a few.

Galaxy A31: two days of battery life?

The estimate on the possible battery life of the Galaxy A31 is consequent to the technical specifications of this smartphone, already on sale in India: 48 MP main camera, flanked by a 5 MP macro, 16 MP front camera, 64 GB of storage expandable up to 512 GB, SoC Exynos 7 Octa 7904 Octa Core and 4 GB of RAM, 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1,560×720 pixels (ie 268 DPI). With these features and a battery of almost 5,000 mAh a device will easily get through the evening even with heavy use. If used more moderately, however, has good hopes of shutting down on the second day.

Galaxy A31: when it arrives and how much it costs

The Galaxy A31 is already in production and presale in India on unofficial channels, with the technical features just described and an "Expected Price" of about 200 euros. It is almost certain that Samsung will also bring it to Europe, but we are not 100% sure that the European version is identical to the Indian one nor at the moment we can say when we will see it in the old continent. The recent launch of the Galaxy A51 also in Europe (which, just to remind you, has a nice 4,000 mAh battery), could lead to the postponement of the announcement regarding the A31 by a few months. Otherwise, sales of the A51, which costs 379 euros, could be cannibalized by the cheaper device.