Galaxy A42, Samsung’s low-cost 5G smartphone

In the coming years, the mobile phone market will increasingly focus on 5G, the connection that allows you to surf at a very high speed. Most companies are focusing on the launch of devices that support this type of technology, and among them there is also Samsung.

The health emergency has held back both the development and the demand for the devices, but finally it is recovering with research and production. The bet currently is to put 5G smartphones on the market at an affordable price, so that they are also suitable for a mid-range. In this context, Samsung is planning a new device that should also debut in the European market soon. The phone will be called Galaxy A42 and there are already numerous rumors circulating about its features and specifications. The goal is also to occupy a market segment attended so far by brands symbol of low cost as Huawei or Xiaomi.

Samsung Galaxy A42: characteristics

Of course there are no certainties about the specifications, but several sources have put forward some assumptions. First of all, the design could be similar to that of the Galaxy A41, mid-range smartphone sold at 250€: large 6.1-inch display with notch in a central position at the top and ultra-fine bezels (dimensions 69.8 x 149.9 x 7.9 mm).

The Galaxy A42 could be launched in three colors: gray, black and white and have an internal memory of 128 GB, while the expected launch date is late 2020 or early 2021.

There are many details of the data sheet that still remain a mystery, for example, it is not yet known if there will also be a 4G version of the device or if the company will choose to launch only the 5G model. Recall that the fast connection is currently not available in all countries, so in the case Samsung would cut several markets.

Of course, a key role in determining performance and price will be given by the chipset. Several competitor devices are already using Snapdragon 765 and Snapdragon 690 in order to reduce the price of 5G devices. It is to be understood if Samsung will also use this solution.

How much does the Galaxy A42 cost

Of course, a key element for the success of the operation will be the price: the Galaxy A42 will be a low-cost smartphone, but making predictions now is hasty. Better to wait for the next months