Galaxy F, the foldable smartphone will have 3 cameras

Samsung's foldable smartphone will hit the market in early 2019 It will have a 4.6-inch screen and a triple rear camera.

Samsung is active on several fronts: in the mid-range segment it is developing new Galaxy A series smartphones with very interesting features (in 2019 we will see the Galaxy A10 and the Galaxy A5o), while among the top of the range it is working on as many as three devices (Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+). But that's not all. The South Korean company is working to launch in early 2019 its first foldable smartphone.

It is certainly not news that Samsung is working on a device with the screen that folds, already last November during a conference dedicated to developers showed images of how the smartphone could be. Now from South Korea come new rumors about the data sheet of the device, a sign that the Galaxy F (this is the name of the device) is ready to make its debut in the European market. An insider always well-informed about the world of Samsung has assured that the foldable smartphone will have as many as three cameras, the same ones that the company will also mount on the Galaxy S10+. This indicates that the device should be launched at the same time as the Galaxy S10+ or soon after. Will we see the Galaxy F at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona? Very likely.

What will the Galaxy F look like

So far Samsung has been very good at not leaking anything about the technical specifications of the Galaxy F. But as the day of the presentation approaches, it is normal that some information starts to come out. From South Korea come confirmations on the size of the screen and the photographic compartment. The Galaxy F will have a 4.58-inch display that becomes 7.3" when opened. The device will have a "wallet" closure: folded up it has the size of a normal smartphone, while when opened it is as big as a tablet.

Interesting news also regarding the photographic compartment. There will be a triple rear camera, the same present also on the Galaxy S10+. The dual camera will be accompanied by a third sensor dedicated exclusively to panoramic photos (wide-angle lens with an angle of 120 degrees). There's no information yet regarding processor, RAM and internal memory, but they should be top-of-the-line features.

When the Galaxy F comes out

The device should hit the market almost simultaneously with the Galaxy S10. Samsung will probably show a preview of the device during Mobile World Congress 2019 and officially unveil it at an ad hoc event in the following months. The price of the Galaxy F is expected to be over 1,000 euros.