Galaxy F22: Samsung’s even cheaper 5G smartphone

Everything is ready for the presentation of Samsung Galaxy F22, a cheap 5G smartphone that will arrive in a few days: monstrous battery and super price

Another component the Samsung Galaxy F series is coming. We'll know it as the Samsung Galaxy F22, a low-end device that will strengthen the company's presence in the affordable 5G Android smartphone segment.

Initially, it was thought that Samsung Galaxy F22 was nothing more than a rebrand of the recently officiated Galaxy A22, but the latest news about it paints a slightly different picture. The Galaxy F series is the one Samsung markets in India and surrounding regions, so a simple rebrand of a device already official elsewhere - in Europe in the case of Galaxy A22 - was the prevailing assumption. Yet Samsung would not be willing to limit itself to this: Galaxy F22, according to what we now learn, will differ in at least one component from the European product, namely in the battery that should have a larger capacity.

Samsung Galaxy F22 and the super battery

Samsung Galaxy F22 is expected in the Indian subcontinent on July 6, and part of its key specifications have been revealed by an image previewed by Flipkart, one of the largest local chains that sells electronic devices.

For sure, the number destined to make the most noise about Samsung Galaxy F22 is the one related to the battery capacity. If on Galaxy A22 and A22 5G do not go beyond 5,000 mAh, on Samsung Galaxy F22 there will be a battery of 6,000 mAh, an amount of energy that combined with a hardware not thirsty for resources should form the basis of an excellent autonomy.

Another aspect that is almost surprising for the positioning that Samsung intends to give to Galaxy F22 is related to the display. It is true that the screen resolution will not reach Full HD +, and that the HD + that is expected on a panel still large enough to 6.4 inches may appear stunted, but Samsung Galaxy F22 will have a Super AMOLED screen and also a refresh rate of 90 Hz, features that together are not often seen on a product of this range.

On the front of the cameras we still know little, except that the main sensor will have 48 megapixels and will be placed within a square camera group along with three other sensors. Still no information on the nature of these, but there is a real possibility that they are the same as the Galaxy A22, so an ultra wide-angle 8-megapixel with two sensors "accessories" of 2 megapixels each, a macro and one of depth.

The price "bomb" Samsung Galaxy F22

Unbelievable the price of which the rumors speak: Samsung Galaxy F22 should not go beyond 15,000 Indian rupees, at current exchange rate about 170 euros. Launch scheduled for next July 6, it remains to be seen if Samsung will decide to propose the smartphone also in our continent.