Galaxy Fold 2, goodbye to the notch: there will be the hole on the screen

The Galaxy Fold 2 will have a notch on the inside of the device and will mount top-of-the-line lenses. This is how the foldable smartphone will be

The rumors about the new Galaxy Fold 2, the foldable smartphone that will be launched in September by Samsung, are increasing. One of the latest rumors concerns the presence of the notch: will it be there or not? The leaker Ice Universe would have revealed the mystery by spreading two images that depict the frontal design of the phone. Of course, these are rumors, for which we are waiting for the official version.

One of the innovations that stands out from the images is precisely the absence of the classic central notch and the inclusion of the selfie cam in the inner fold of the display. This type of design has already divided the public: there are many who have turned up their noses, especially those who pay attention to symmetry and design. On the other hand, what seems to be an insignificant detail is actually a detail that has been challenging companies for years. The ambition is to eliminate any visual element to integrate the selfie cam inside the screen, making it as discreet as possible.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: news on the front camera

The images of Ice Universe speak clearly and confirm the rumors that have been circulating for the past few weeks: the selfie cam of the Galaxy Fold 2 will not be positioned in the center and there will be no classic notch. Looking at the two renders released in recent hours, in fact, the camera is positioned at the top and right of the screen, so if you open the device completely is not in a central position, but slightly shifted. In addition, it seems that it is not inserted into the notch but integrated into the screen.

Once again, it seems that Samsung is not able to satisfy all users, at least with regard to the design. In fact, for years there has been a debate about the position and visibility of the front camera. Everyone is accustomed to see it in a central position, but this time the challenge is almost impossible, because right in that point is inserted the hinge that allows you to fold the device in two.

The position of the camera also depends on the location of the rear sensors: if it is moved further to the side, making it a little more discreet, it risks covering them.

Remember that the Fold 2 is a top of the range and therefore the role of the photographic compartment is important. We will probably have a quadruple camera: the main 12-megapixel, 16-megapixel wide-angle, 64-megapixel telephoto with hybrid zoom and finally a ToF sensor for depth. The presence and position of the front camera remain therefore in the halo of mystery and we can only wait for the official presentation of Samsung.

Other rumors about the Galaxy Fold 2

Another news is related to the size of the screen, which will be 7.7 inches so wider than the Galaxy Fold, which instead has a display of 7.3 inches. This does not mean that the smartphone will be bulkier, but that the bezels should be even thinner. Moreover, the screen should be made of UTG (Ultra Thin Glass), the same technology as the Galaxy Z Flip.