Galaxy Note 8, dual camera and 6.3-inch screen

For the first time the South Korean company could integrate on the Galaxy Note 8 the dual camera sensor. News also for the display: it will be 6.3 inches

Although there is still no official confirmation from Samsung, it is clear that the next device that the South Korean company is set to launch is the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 8, given to arrive by the end of the summer. And in recent hours have arrived new rumors.

The alleged leaks confirm, so to speak given the absolute confidentiality maintained by Samsung, the news that the Galaxy Note 8 will be a phablet with a very large screen. According to rumors, in fact, the next mobile device of the Asian company will have a 6.3-inch display. And there's more. Samsung could also decide to upset the photographic compartment, compared to the solutions adopted on all devices of the Galaxy family. The main competitor of Apple, in fact, would intend - and it would be an absolute novelty - to equip the Galaxy Note 8 with a dual camera. Sensors that, however, will most likely be very powerful. Someone ventures that they could get to 30 megapixels.

The Galaxy Note 8, characteristics

Moving always in the field of hypotheses, the Note 8, barring surprises, should mount one of the latest processors from Qualcomm, the powerful Snapdragon 835. Regarding, however, the RAM, it is very likely that it will be 6 GB. There will almost certainly also be the famous S-Pen, which perhaps will be placed on the back of the device. Few indiscretions about the storage space and other technical features.

Turning to the display size, one wonders if the South Korean company will follow the example of the Galaxy S8 and adopt the Infinity Display for the phablet. The Note 8 should also integrate Bixby, the personal assistant always launched with the last top of the range.

Suppositions aside, of really tangible yet there is very little, as it is normal moreover that it is. The presentation of the Galaxy Note 8, however, is approaching and in the coming weeks we will know more.