Galaxy S10, there is also limited edition

The new Samsung S10 limited edition smartphone is coming. The new phone will be available from March 15, 2019. Here are the specs

While the mobile market is in high excitement for the upcoming launch of the new three Galaxy S10 models, there are some rumors related to the possible release of a Limited Edition of the new Samsung smartphone.

On Samsung's official website from the Philippines, you can find the updated list of all the new upcoming devices, which you can pre-order by March 15, 2019. And so far nothing new, except that within the list appears the silhouette of a totally unexpected model, which might just be the limited edition of the Galaxy S10. All the smartphones on the list will be available starting March 15, presumably after the official presentation that will be held during the Galaxy Unpacked scheduled for February 20. Here's what leaked news about the special edition of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10: special edition coming soon

The news, noticed by the XDA-Developers community, is full of mystery: in the reference web page, among the upcoming models, the silhouette of the limited edition Galaxy S10 is also shown, which compared to the others appears with a curved display and a wider profile. The model is called just "Galaxy S10 Limited Edition" and next to it is marked "Option A" and a series of obscured information, available from the fateful March 15, 2019.

Aside the Limited Edition, the list naturally includes the other three upcoming smartphones: the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 E (also known as Galaxy S10 Lite).

Features and specs of the Galaxy S10 Limited Edition

Unfortunately, the page does not mention the price of the Galaxy S10 Limited Edition, which could also be launched under the name Galaxy S10 X. At the same time, information about the model's specifications is few and unofficial. For example, it is rumored that it could have 12GB of RAM and as much as 1TB of internal storage.

Also, according to some rumors, the new Samsung smartphone will have a very large display, of 6.7 inches and will include six cameras: 4 sensors in the back and a dual front camera. Dulcis in fundo, the Galaxy S10 Limited Edition will present a 5,000 mAh battery. We just have to wait until next month to know all the official information about the new smartphone signed by Samsung.