Galaxy S10+ will have 5 cameras: coming in early 2019

According to the first rumors coming from South Korea Samsung in early 2019 will launch the new Galaxy S10, and the Plus version will have five cameras

The Korean newspaper The Bell, always very attentive to the news from the house of Samsung, has revealed some features that we will most likely see on the new top of the range of the South Korean giant, the Galaxy S10+.

The upcoming Galaxy S10+, according to the Korean newspaper will have as many as five cameras, two sensors at the front of the device and three sensors at the back of the phone. This is a solution quite similar to the one adopted by Huawei with its P20 Pro. Always according to the latest rumors coming from Korea Samsung will launch on the market three models of Galaxy S10, compared to the two classics. The reason? Simple, counter Apple that in early autumn 2018 should present the new iPhone X, which unless last minute changes will be just three different models. According to its plans Samsung should present the three new Galaxy S10 in early 2019 during the CES event in Las Vegas.

The five cameras of the new Samsung Galaxy S10+

At this point the question that many phone enthusiasts will be asking themselves is: but what will be the purpose of the five cameras that we will find on Samsung Galaxy S10+? The doubt is soon revealed. On the top of the range of the South Korean giant we will find, in the rear, a 12-megapixel main sensor, associated with another 12-megapixel sensor but with telephoto lens for optical zoom and finally a third 16-megapixel wide-angle sensor. The discourse changes in the front camera that as mentioned is composed of two sensors. One standard and one with telephoto lens. This solution for the front camera serves to take full advantage of portrait mode and the bokeh effect even with the front sensors, to meet the needs of users who now make many selfies and several photos even with the front camera.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone X 2018

At the moment the challenge between the two manufacturers, Samsung and Apple, has not yet begun, but soon with first the launch of iPhone X 2018 and then with the appearance of the new Galaxy S10 will start the tussle to understand which of the two manufacturers has made the best devices. At the moment, however, we already know how the two companies will "clash" on the market. The "classic" Galaxy S10 in fact should go to counter the sales of the iPhone X 2018 5.8 inch with OLED screen. While the Samsung Galaxy S10+ will be the direct competitor of the 6.5-inch iPhone X 2018, or iPhone X Plus as it may be. Finally, Samsung will present a low-cost model with a single front camera and dual rear cameras to counter Apple's launch of the 6.1-inch "budget" iPhone with an LCD screen. To find out who will win we will still have to wait a few months.