Galaxy S11 with dual display: what it will look like

The Galaxy S11 could have two screens: one front and the other rear for secondary functions. Here's what it will look like

With the release of the main top of the range 2019 devices, manufacturers have begun to focus their efforts on the models coming in 2020. One of the most active companies is Samsung, about to make a real revolution in its top-of-the-line models. It could disappear the Galaxy Note range to focus on a single top model coming out in the first months of the year. And this model could be the Galaxy S11, on which continue to arrive many indiscretions.

The last is relaunched by the portal LetsGoDigital, always very active on this front, which has also made the renderings of a possible next Galaxy smartphone. The images are based on a patent obtained by the South Korean company at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (the U.S. patent office) and provides a smartphone with a dual screen. In the front we have a display that occupies all the available space, while in the back there is a second screen, smaller in size and positioned under the cameras, which can be used for secondary functions.

For the moment this is a patent and therefore the project could remain on paper. But Samsung's idea isn't so far-fetched: devices with two screens have been launched in recent months, and Xiaomi has gone even further, launching the Mi Mix Alpha, the first smartphone with a display that wraps around the entire body.

Galaxy S11: everything we know so far

Samsung hasn't leaked much about the upcoming Galaxy S11. The South Korean company is still defining the technical specifications of the next top-of-the-line smartphone due out in 2020. It is very likely that the Galaxy S11 will have an innovative design compared to what we have seen so far and unique features of its kind. From the rumors posted on major social networks, the Galaxy S11 will have a rear camera compartment never seen before. Samsung could use one of its new 64- or 108-megapixel photo sensors and improve the quality of the shots thanks to artificial intelligence.

Progress also in terms of the power of the device. The next generation Exynos (the processor found on all Galaxy S) is expected to be made with a 7 nanometer process. As for the design of the Galaxy S11, there are many alternatives Samsung is working on, including the patent we just mentioned.

When the Galaxy S11 comes out

Samsung is also pondering when to release the Galaxy S11. In recent years, the Galaxy S range has launched between February and March, but this year it may slip a few months to give the Galaxy Fold time to "take root" in the market. The first flexible smartphone is finally available for purchase and Samsung is testing the value of this new market niche.