Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S11? What will Samsung’s smartphone be called

Samsung's next top of the line could be called Galaxy S20 instead of Galaxy S11. Here are the features and the release date

In recent weeks we have repeatedly talked about the Galaxy S11, anticipating most of the technical characteristics, the possible release date and the number of models that Samsung plans to present. Today, however, comes a new rumor that could turn the tables, at least with regard to the name of the smartphone: no longer Galaxy S11, but Galaxy S20.

The news comes from the Twitter profile of Ice Universe, journalist always very informed about the latest news from the mobile world. Already in the past has raised anticipations about new smartphones that later proved to be true. For what reason Samsung has decided to change the name of its next top of the range? For the moment there is no explanation, but the reason could be simply to give a signal to the market and make it clear that the next generation of Galaxy S is a leap into the future. A bit like what Huawei has already done with the P series and the Mate series in recent years.

How will the Galaxy S20

For the moment, there are two most likely hypotheses regarding the Galaxy S20: successor to the Galaxy S10 or the beginning of a new series dedicated to flexible smartphones. Between the two hypotheses, the most truthful seems to be the first one. The name change could be a simple choice to keep up with the times: next year will be 2020 and Samsung has decided to adopt the name Galaxy S20 for its device.

If it was really like that, the smartphone will have the same features anticipated so far for the Galaxy S11. The device will be made in three different versions, a low-cost, a "normal" and a Plus with a larger screen and more cameras. On board will be the new Exynos processor comparable to the Snapdragon 865 with at least 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The design will feature a rectangular bumper at the back where the cameras will be inserted. And it is precisely the rear photographic compartment the point on which Samsung wants to focus more: almost certain the presence of a 108 Megapixel main camera.

When the Galaxy S20 comes out

The presentation of the Galaxy S20 is expected in February, during the Mobile World Congress 2020, the fair dedicated to the mobile world that is organized every year in Barcelona. The market release is scheduled for mid-March.