Galaxy S8, no dual camera for Samsung top of the range

The new device, according to the latest news, will not mount a dual camera. Meanwhile, a new video on the touchscreen has appeared on the web

New rumors arrive about the Samsung Galaxy S8, the next top of the range of the South Korean company. Contrary to previous rumors, the new smartphone should not support a dual-lens camera.

Initially, the alleged leaks had suggested that the S8 would mount, similar to the iPhone 7, two cameras: one 12-megapixel and the other 13, the latter made with Sony technology. The rumors, however, do not definitively close the doors to dual-lens. It is possible, in fact, that the dual camera will be integrated only in the Plus model, which, according to the latest news, should have a 6.2-inch edge-to-edge display, while the base version will still have a single camera. Queste indiscrezioni non forniscono nessun ulteriore dettaglio sulle caratteristiche del nuovo sensore fotografico. Sarà ancora un dual pixel da 12 megapixel come nel Galaxy S7?

Solo indiscrezioni sul Galaxy S8

Cosa sappiamo fin ora sul Galaxy S8? Di ufficiale davvero poco. La casa coreana, infatti, per adesso non ha fatto trapelare all’esterno quasi nessuna informazione sulle componenti tecniche del suo prossimo top di gamma. Le uniche notizie ufficiali sono arrivate dal vicepresidente esecutivo dell’azienda Rhee Injong che nel corso di una conferenza stampa ha confermato ai giornalisti la presenza di un assistente vocale dotato di intelligenza artificiale. Tutto qua. Il resto sono solo rumors.

rendering.jpgFonte foto: web

Il nuovo design del Galaxy S8 promette di essere rivoluzionario. Click on the image and find out what Samsung has in store

Samsung Galaxy S8 revolutionary

And according to these rumors, the Galaxy S8 will be a revolutionary device. Starting with the processor, which will most likely be Qualcomm's new SoC, the Snapdragon 835. Two other strengths of the new Samsung smartphone will be the RAM memory, which should be 6 GB and the storage memory, which should, however, be 256 gigabytes. Very interesting also the data relating to the size of the display. The basic version should be presented with a 5.7-inch screen (or 5.1') while the Plus version, as seen above, should have a 6.2' display. Both models will almost certainly have an edge-to-edge superAMOLED screen and compatible with 4K resolution.

Advance 3D Touch for the Galaxy S8

The latest news that is holding sway among fans concerns Advance 3D Touch, a technology similar to the one first launched by Apple with the iPhone 6 S. A video, in fact, shows 3D Touch also on the Galaxy S8. Will it be true? Hard to say. Samsung continues to close itself in silence. If so, the S8 would be the first Android device to integrate 3D touch.

(video taken from YouTube)

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