Galaxy S9+ at 1 euro: the scam of the fake Repubblica website

A new computer scam is circulating on the Net that promises users a Samsung Galaxy S9+ for only one euro, here's how to recognize the deception easily

A new computer scam is circulating on the Net linked to a fake article in the newspaper la Repubblica that talks about hypothetical Samsung Galaxy S9+ on sale at Mediaworld for only 1 euro. It would seem like a dream, and in fact it is not reality. Here's how to recognize the deception.

A website, specifically smart-in-phone, is spreading through social media posts and email phishing a fake article from Repubblica where it talks about the incredible offer chosen by Samsung to acquire an increasing slice of users in Italy.

The offer consists in receiving a Galaxy S9+ for free at home by paying just 1 euro in shipping costs. The article justifies the choice with numbers on the growth of Samsung in our country and the attempt by the South Korean company to gain more customers. Needless to say, the link in the article where to register to get the Samsung Galaxy S9+ on offer is nothing more than a link to a malicious website where any of our information entered will be stolen by cyber criminals.

How to recognize the scam of the Samsung at 1 euro

This is not the first time that online we find scams of this type. Several times we have talked about the attempts of hackers to steal money from users with fake iPhones for 1 euro. In this case, however, cyber criminals have acted a bit 'of cunning because the site that imitates Republic is really identical to that of the newspaper, with comments and texts quite well written that can mislead. Recognizing the scam, apart from the disproportionate offer, is really easy though: just look at the web address. It's not the one of Repubblica but the one of Smart-in-Phone. So a site generated specifically to scam users by making them believe they are on the portal of Repubblica.

In the piece is explained in detail how to get the smartphone as a gift. Just click on a link and on the site where you are redirected enter our personal information such as age, name, surname, gender and email address. And pay that euro that is justified as shipping costs. Remember that there is no shipping charge of one euro even if you want to believe the impossible offer of Samsung. Once we enter our data and details of our credit card hackers can use it to transfer our money into their accounts. Before giving away all our savings so let's think carefully. First, such crazy online offers are almost always a scam. Then if Samsung or Mediaworld were to make such an offer we would find all the information on their website, information that is not there. Finally we always look at the URLs of the sites where we end up to see if it is a reliable site or not and then we never click on links sent from unknown funds.