Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will have a flaw, but it will make up for it

According to rumors, Samsung's next top-of-the-line tablet will be an exceptional device, equipped with such high technical features that it will make up for its only real flaw

The next benchmark Android tablet will be the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra, a device with top-notch technical features, designed by the Korean giant with the clear intention of making serious competition for Apple's iPad Pro. And, just like a recent Apple product (the new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro), the Galaxy S8 Ultra will also have the notch.

But while Apple fans still haven't figured out why the new MacBooks have the notch, apparently for Galaxy S8 Ultra there is a reason: a dual front-facing camera, with two high-level sensors. This is what says the famous leaker Ice Universe (of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, in fact, at the moment there is nothing official), mysterious character but so far proved reliable. After several rumors circulated in recent weeks on the notch of the next tablet from Samsung, now Ice Universe says he is 100% sure that the "notch" will be there. But that will be forgiven.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: how it will be

For what the leakers say at the moment, and remember that these are rumors, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will be a tablet of the highest level. Meanwhile, it will be huge: the screen will have a diagonal of 14.6 inches, practically more than a laptop thanks to very thin bezels.

The display will be, of course, an AMOLED panel from Samsung but it is the expected resolution to surprise: 3K, with refresh rate of 120 Hz, touch and compatible with the S Pen Samsung. If the characteristics of the display will really be these, then the processor used will have to be extremely powerful.

It is up to the SoC, in fact, to drive the screen and the higher the resolution and refresh rate of the screen, the more powerful the processor must be. There is talk, for this, of a possible use of the new Samsung Exynos 2200 that, probably, will be presented soon.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: the notch and the cameras

But let's come to the infamous notch that, says Ice Universe, there will be for sure. According to the leaker it will be necessary to make room for two photo sensors, one of which will be wide-angle, both capable of recording video up to 4K at 60 frames per second.

Now, making a reasoning also quite quickly, one wonders what can serve two such sensors in the camera for selfies. The answer, most likely, is to be found in the two words "smart working": with a screen of almost 15 inches, very high resolution, and with two high-quality, wide-angle cameras, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra would be an ideal candidate device for remote collaborative work, even of creatives thanks to the S Pen.