Gboard, now the keyboard automatically translates what we write

The Mountain View company has updated the functions of its Gboard, now you can see an instant translation in a language other than ours

Imagine writing a message and see on the screen of your device the instant translation in any foreign language. This is the new feature that Google has implemented on Android for its Gboard, the keyboard created by Mountain View.

The instant translation while typing text expands on the Now on Tap feature that Google released last year for its keyboard that allows users to translate any foreign text by simply holding down the Home button. The new instant translation, however, will be much more convenient since it is already included in Gboard. Now, in fact, we'll no longer have to enter a text and then translate it because the "Translate" function, if opted for, will do everything automatically. Obviously this does not mean that the function of translating from a pasted text will no longer be possible. The old function will remain active.

All the novelties of Gboard

The new feature offers an incredible scenario with an almost infinite number of contexts where it can be used. Think about how useful it will be during a trip to ask for information, but also to give directions to a foreign person who asks us for help. Google hasn't explained, however, if the new instant translation will work on all of the 100+ languages available on Gboard. The keyboard also has several other enhanced features. For example, you'll now be able to switch more fluidly from typing text to voice input of messages. We'll be able to start one way and finish with the other without practically having to wait. There will also be new themes, new emoji and the options for inserting GIFs have been updated. GIFs will also be sharable directly from the keyboard to third-party messaging apps, such as Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.