GE Appliance launches connected dishwasher that buys detergent

GE Applications launches new smart dishwasher, connected to the internet and our Amazon account, that never runs out of detergent capsules

Telling someone you're as empty as the fridge or have as much passion as the microwave now doesn't make much sense. In the Internet of Things era, even everyday objects, especially those for the home, are becoming "smart". So here's the first internet-connected dishwasher that never runs out of detergent.

The project is from GE Appliances, a company that specializes in designing connected devices, and vice president Cynthia Fanning said she's excited about an innovation that could make life easier for families in the kitchen. How it works. Through the app we configure the automatic replenishment of detergent, this will connect us to our Amazon account where we can choose the brand of degreasers and capsules that we like best or cheapest. Once the product level is about to run out, the dishwasher will automatically book a refill that we will then receive comfortably at home.

Not just dishwashers

The smart dishwasher is not the first product in the Internet of Things key from GE Applications. The company had already thought about simplifying U.S. households' laundry by setting up the same automatic reload feature on a washing machine. So that you never run out of detergent and fabric softener. The new internet-connected dishwasher now puts the company as the U.S. leader in products with automatic detergent refills, but grocery shopping may soon be just a distant memory. Amazon, in fact, has been partnering with different brands and companies for some time now to allow users to order bathroom products, household items and even food quickly right from home. Goodbye to Saturday night at the supermarket, if you're out of ketchup, the smart fridge will take care of it.

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