Get down on the parquet: NBA games are now in virtual reality

The upcoming US basketball league will guarantee at least one game a week in VR for all NBA League Pass subscribers

If you love NBA basketball and don't miss a single virtual reality news story, you're one lucky person. The U.S. Basketball League has announced that in the upcoming season, at least one game a week, throughout the course of the competition, will be viewed in VR.

The NBA season is so long and busy that at least one game of your favorite team will be broadcast in virtual reality. Not least because the league has guaranteed that the franchises available in virtual reality will rotate. To see the games at 360° you'll need to have NextVR, a VR platform dedicated to live entertainment events whose app is available on the Oculus Rift store and also compatible with the Samsung Gear VR.  You'll need to have a subscription to NBA League Pass, the service that offers streaming (also in Italy) of the games at a price of 199 euros per year.

Will it be a successful initiative?

Some have turned up their noses at the inclusion of NBA games in VR in the complete League Pass package. That's because virtual reality fans are unlikely to spend $200 just to "try" the novelty. The advantage is that the leadership of the American professional league has decided that the 360-degree view will not be something transient but a new format and a new way of watching the races.

(taken from NextVR)

How will we see the games in VR?

To allow a significant quality in the games in virtual reality the league will place several 360-degree cameras to capture the action from multiple angles. Users who decide to subscribe, in short, will not have to "settle" for the fixed shot as happened on the occasion of the first NBA game filmed at 360 degrees. There will also be graphics dedicated to VR and exclusive content that those who will watch the race in a "classic" way will not be able to see. The first NBA game of this season in VR will be Sacramento Kings against San Antonio Spurs, scheduled at 4:30 am (Italian morning, of course) on Friday, October 28. The league counts over the course of the season plans to expand the service to other viewers such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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