Ginlo, the app that challenges WhatsApp and focuses on privacy

Ginlo is a messaging app developed in Germany that uses encryption to protect user data. Here's how it works

The world of messaging apps is very diverse. Besides WhatsApp, there are several alternatives for users: Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, Hangouts, iMessage, WeChat, just to name a few. Now the list is enriched with a new competitor: Ginlo. This is a German application that focuses on privacy and security, thanks to an innovative encryption system that makes it impossible for hackers to steal personal information from chats.

Previously, the application was called SIMSme, but in the last period a re-branding was carried out. In addition to being secure and respecting users' privacy, Ginlo has the classic features of a messaging app. One can create groups, send multimedia content such as photos, videos and documents, create messages that self-destruct after a few seconds and use the Ginlo ID to communicate anonymously. The app is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and App Store. There are no advertisements: the main source of revenue is Ginlo Business, a paid messaging app dedicated to businesses.

What is Ginlo app

Ginlo is a messaging app developed in Germany that wants to challenge WhatsApp on the field of security and privacy. It offers the classic features found in a messaging app, to which a system for encrypting communications is added. As assured by the software house, Ginlo also complies with the rules of GDPR, theĀ General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.

How to download the Ginlo app

Ginlo is a free app with no ads and annoying in-app purchases. The app can be downloaded from the Google store and the App Store.

How the Ginlo app works

After installing Ginlo, you can create your personal account to start using the app. You can use your phone number as you do on WhatsApp, or create a Ginlo ID to communicate anonymously with your acquaintances.

Completed this first step, you can start using the app's features. The user interface is very reminiscent of WhatsApp, so you won't have any difficulty creating group chats, or sending pictures and videos to friends. Among the many features present on Ginlo, there is also the possibility to send messages that self-destruct after a few seconds, or schedule the sending. The software house that developed Ginlo ensures that users' actions are not tracked and that personal information is kept within the company's servers, away from prying eyes.

As it happens on Telegram, you can subscribe to channels that publish information and content. Blogs or magazines can create their own personal profiles and send users links with articles to read.

Ginlo Business

There is also a business version of the application dedicated to the business world. It's called Ginlo Business and it's paid, but it offers special features that ensure maximum protection of business secrets. Through the app you can create workgroups where you can share information, content and work four-handedly on documents. Ginlo Business can be used from both mobile and desktop.