Gmail bug, gone is the Trash and Spam: what’s going on

With the latest version of Gmail for Android, it seems impossible to delete trashed emails or those in the spam folder. Here's how to fix it

New updates, new bugs, for Gmail. Many Android users are complaining about the disappearance of some features from the Spam and Trash folders. In particular, it seems that with the latest version of the app, the buttons for emptying the folders no longer appear, making "permanent" messages that users would like to get rid of as soon as possible.

The problem was first reported by the Android Police portal, which has taken up some reports that appeared in the past hours on social networks. From the parts of Mountain View let us know that they are aware of the bug and are working on a solution, which should already be included in the next release of the app. In the meantime, Google has also provided an explanation on how to get around the bug and permanently delete spam and trash emails.

Code error or simple graphical bug?

After the first reports, the Android Police editors were able to get to the bottom of the problem. The problem, in fact, would be purely graphical in nature: turning the smartphone and changing the orientation of the screen, the buttons reappear, allowing users to empty folders in one go. Alternatively, it is possible to do cleanup by selecting mail messages one by one and deleting them manually.

Gmail: new spam filters

While Google developers work on solving the bug, from Mountain View let it be known that the new spam filters adopted at the end of 2019 are paying off. The new filters are able to block 99.9% of potential threats and are based on next-generation scanners that adopt artificial intelligence and deep learning. For now, this technology has only been applied to Office attachments sent via the Gmail mail service, but Big G's intention is to apply it to all types of infected attachments, even less common files.