Gmail for Android adds a filter against phishing

Google has begun releasing an update for Gmail that increases security and protects against phishing campaigns: a message will warn us of the danger

Google's fight against cyber threats continues. After several times showing the progress of Android in repelling malware and viruses, the Californian company updates Gmail, introducing a series of features aimed at improving the security of the application.

In particular, the new update includes a filter against phishing, one of the main techniques used by hackers to hit the poor victims. The feature should increase users' security, as in the past Gmail has been the protagonist, despite itself, of many phishing campaigns. A few months ago, for example, a malicious attachment, and spread through the email of Big G, has put in danger the data of several users. The new filter, which is only available in the Android version of the application, will help Gmail account holders to unmask phishing attempts that run on emails.

How the anti-phishing filter works

Let's now see how Gmail's anti-phishing filter will work. If a user clicks on a link contained in an email that Mountain View's application considers suspicious, Gmail will show a warning about the dangerousness of the site that is about to open, evaluated as potentially dangerous. The user can, however, at his own risk, continue to click on the link that Google thinks is malicious, or report it as safe to the server of Big G.

How to protect yourself from phishing

Filters aside, the best weapon against phishing remains prevention. In fact, it is advisable never to open suspicious e-mails and click on the links contained in them. The objective of the hackers is to address the victims to false sites to steal their data: emails, passwords, bank credentials.