Gomorra 5: Ciro cambierà nell’ultima stagione

Ora che la stagione conclusiva di Gomorra 5 è pronta ad arrivare sugli schermi, l’attore Marco D’Amore rivela dettagli sul suo personaggio Ciro Di Marzio


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Gomorra 5 non è solo l’ultima stagione in arrivo dell’amata serie TV ma anche la conclusiva. Gli attori della serie firmata Sky hanno detto addio ai loro personaggi e soprattutto Marco D’Amore svela importanti dettagli sul suo Ciro Di Marzio.

Proprio Ciro è uno dei personaggi principali della serie TV, tanto da essere stato il protagonista anche del film spin-off L’Immortale. During the different seasons, his character has evolved, becoming the subject of great changes. The actor D'Amore himself confirms this evolution, talking about an "impressive change" that takes place between the first and the last season. To discover all the events of Gomorra 5, filmed between Naples and Rome, we just have to wait for the airing. Although Sky has not yet made the date official, we will have to wait only a few months: the last chapter could arrive on screens between October and December 2021.

Gomorra 5: Ciro's change

After a heartfelt farewell to his character on social networks, Marco D'Amore returns to talk about Ciro Di Marzio in an interview with Repubblica, revealing the transformations and changes we will see in the final season of Gomorra 5.

Ciro is an anti-hero, but he has become one of the most beloved characters of the TV series by fans. The actor reveals in the interview his secret: "I took away his beauty. It was the best thing I could have done. If you put two images from the first and the last season together, the change is impressive."

In short, in the last season, fans will have to get ready for a Ciro completely transformed by the events along with his co-star, Genny Savastano.

Gomorra 5: what will happen in the last season

In the fifth season of Gomorra we will see Ciro return, believed dead in the third season, who had already made his comeback in the movie L'Immortale. Next to him will be Genny Savastano, friend not only in the scenes, but also in life. After 8 years on the set, the actors D'Amore and Salvatore Esposito are now very close.

The pair Ciro-Genny so reunited will face the final chapter of the series, dealing with old and new characters in a war between the families increasingly violent and fierce between alliances and betrayals. A final season that will keep fans in suspense waiting to find out which clan will be able to hold the coveted power.

Gomorra 5: when will the final

At the moment there is still no official date for the airing of the fifth and final season of Gomorra. To raise hopes in the fans was the actor Salvatore Esposito, who at the end of filming on social media wrote: "Knowing that there are still four months or more to go before the release of Gomorra makes me rosy because I would like to show it to you now!". Words that suggest that Gomorra 5 could arrive on Sky screens between October and December 2021.