Gomorra 5 is the last season: comes the official announcement

The news came during the presentation of the new Sky programs. Ciro and Genny then greeted fans with an emotional message on Instagram

The fifth season of Gomorra will be the last. The news had been circulating for some time but now it has been made official during the presentation of all the original Sky news and also confirmed by the actors of the TV series, Salvatore Esposito and Marco D'Amore. The filming of the final episodes started again a few days ago, after the sudden interruption caused by the outbreak of the pandemic.

Marco D'Amore, during the 77th Venice Film Festival had expressed his enthusiasm for the return on the set, telling journalists all the safety rules that characterized it. Of course, the distancing guidelines will not affect the quality of the product: the last season of Gomorra will be spectacular, as the actors and the whole production promise. The filming so far has involved the territory of Naples, but the crew will also move outside Italy. In the meantime, Salvatore and Marco publish on Instagram a really exciting post.

Gomorra 5: started filming

As announced by Marco D'amore, the filming of Gomorra 5 began in September 2020. The return to the set has been particular for everyone: distancing, masks and other anti-county measures have marked the different scenes. Despite this, the production and the cast have expressed all their enthusiasm about the beginning of the work.

The fifth season of Gomorra will be directed by Claudio Cupellini and Marco D'Amore, the interpreter of the main character Ciro Di Marzio, who has already participated in the direction of the fourth season and directed the spin-off L'Immortale. The screenplay is instead written by Maddalena Ravigli, Valerio Cilio, Leonardo Fasoli and Gianluca Leoncini. The setting is the Neapolitan hinterland that has always characterized the TV series, but there will also be some scenes shot abroad, in the city of Riga.

Fifth season of Gomorra: previews

Marco D'Amore, who left the scene in the third season, will finally return as Ciro. Everyone thinks he is dead, but he reappeared in the movie L'Immortale, dedicated to his character, arousing amazement and enthusiasm in the audience. Alongside him, Salvatore Esposito will return in the role of Genny Savastano.

One of the most beloved couples of the TV series will thus be confronted with old and new characters. The war between the families will be very heated and violent, there will be new alliances and as many betrayals. The objective? Establish which clan should hold power and at the end of the season we will finally know who will have the upper hand. We will also find in the cast many beloved faces, in particular Ivana Lotito in the role of Azzurra Avitabile and Arturo Muselli, in that of Enzo Sangue Blu.

Instagram: Ciro and Genny's farewell message

In the evening a message arrived from the two protagonists of the TV series, Marco D'Amore and Salvatore Esposito, who for years have played Ciro and Genny. They posted it together, from their respective Instagram profiles: "Today the official announcement ... we are at the last season, the last piece of the story, the last stretch of road. You and I always side by side. Infinite beauty and melancholy also in this end".

The hashtags inserted after the message take up some of the famous expressions of the TV series: #stasenzapensieri, #nunsapitchevaspett and #nisciunosapcommvaafrni´stastoria. In short, it closes an important chapter related to streaming TV series and now we just have to wait for the publication of the episodes and find out how this compelling all-Italian saga will end.