Gomorra 5: where to see the preview

One of Sky Original's most anticipated titles lands on the croisette. Based on Saviano's best seller of the same name, the final chapter of Gomorra

One of Sky Original's most successful series is back: Gomorra. The final season will be broadcast, in world premiere, during the final evening of the prestigious international festival CanneSeries. The new episodes will be accompanied by the arrival on the croisette of the protagonists of this successful series, all Italian, now in its fifth season.

Gomorra has, since its first release, proved to be an Italian project that everyone likes, renewed from season to season thanks to its success in the ratings. Based on the book of the same name by Roberto Saviano, it tells the stories of camorrists, drug dealers and the network that exists between them, the business world and politics. Gomorra has been distributed in 190 countries around the world and has also become a film by Matteo Garrone: all demonstrating the tenacity and considerable interest in the series and the themes touched.Gomorra will be back in a few months on Sky, but first it will pass through one of the most prestigious festivals: from 2018 Cannes for a few days will become the international capital of TV series.

What do we know about Gomorra 5

On October 13, the world premiere of the fifth season of Gomorra is scheduled in Cannes. The first two episodes of the new series will be screened. The organization of the festival has decided that Gomorra 5 will close the kermesse now in its fourth edition. The total number of episodes of the fifth and final season will be ten. Sky has decided to screen two episodes per night, for a total of five extraordinary moments of entertainment for subscribers.

Where Gomorra 5 was filmed

The last season of Gomorra was entirely filmed in Naples: Piazza Grande, the Vele of Scampia, the Ponticelli district and finally the Forcella neighborhood. There are also scenes that were shot abroad in Riga, Latvia. In the conclusion of the series, it was decided to go back to the starting point: where everything was born.

The direction of the episodes has seen the alternation of two directors: Marco D'Amore shot the first five episodes and the ninth, while the sixth, seventh, eighth and tenth were directed by Claudio Cupellini.

The cast

In the cast of Gomorra 5 there will be no surprises. In the role of Genny Savastano we will have, as in all previous seasons, Salvatore Esposito. To play Ciro Di Marzo there will be Marco D'Amore who participated from the first to the third season and then in this final fifth season of the series. Ivana Lolito returns in the role of Azzurra Avitabile, Genny's wife, while Arturo Muselli will be played by Enzo Villa.

Gomorra 5 will be visible on Sky Atlantic, which in the past has already broadcast several Orginal series, in streaming instead the service will be available on Now for viewing on App and Tablet.

Always on Now, before the fifth season you can review all the previous ones.