Gomorra: the exclusive documentary retraces the series

After the great success of the TV series, now comes also the docu-series: when and where to see A story called Gomorra - The series

The TV series Gomorra has arrived to the fifth and last season. The actors have said goodbye to their characters after the end of filming, but they return to the screen to accompany fans and viewers in the final farewell.

While waiting for the airing of , scheduled from November 19 on Sky and streaming on NOW Tv, the producers Cattleya and Beta Film have signed a docu-series in 4 episodes. A story called Gomorra - The series is the title of this documentary that rewinds the tape and retraces the most important stages of the television series born from the genius of Roberto Saviano. Several exceptional narrators tell the story of Gomorra in the docu-film, including Saviano, the director of the first seasons Stefano Sollima, as well as Ivana Lotito and Salvatore Esposito. And there are also anecdotes of life on the set, told by the scriptwriters and actors of the series that has reached millions of fans around the world.

A story called Gomorra: la docu-serie

"Una storia chiamata Gomorra: la serie" was conceived as a documentary in 4 episodes of 25 minutes each, in which the birth of the successful TV series about the camorra set in Naples is analyzed. The docu-series is directed by Marco Pianigiani, written by Federico Chiarini and Alessia Colombo and produced by Brandon Box for Cattleya, in collaboration with Sky and Beta Film.

Including interviews with the creator Saviano, the actors who have played the characters, directors and screenwriters, all the phases that have accompanied Gomorra up to the fifth and final season are reconstructed. This is a documentary that wants to prepare the way for the big finale, much awaited by millions of fans around the world who are passionate about the adventures of characters like Genny Savastano, Scianel and Ciro Di Marzio, and the vicissitudes of the families.

There are also anecdotes from guests and insiders, such as screenwriter Stefano Bises who recalls: "To tell true things you have to know the true things. We went to Naples many times, trying to establish relationships that would allow us to enter those worlds". Or of Maddalena Ravagli, who recounts: "Once in Naples, a taxi driver told me that a Finnish man had got in and didn't want to go to Piazza Plebiscito but to the Vele, because he had seen Gomorra".

Una storia chiamata Gomorra: the cast

In the cast of the docu-series about Gomorra, actors such as Marco D'Amore, who plays Ciro Di Marzio, or Salvatore Esposito (Genny), Maria Pia Calzone (Donna Imma), Fortunato Cerlino (Don Pietro), Loris De Luna (Valerio) Cristina Donadio (Scianel), Ivana Lotito (Azzurra) and Arturo Muselli (Enzo Sangue Blu).

Directors Sollima, Francesca Comencini and Claudio Cupellini were also present. Riccardo Tozzi (Founder and C.E.O. of Cattleya), Nils Hartmann (Senior Director Original Productions Sky Italia) and Gina Gardini (producer) will also tell anecdotes. Surprisingly, even The Jackal are taking part in it, for the highly successful video series "The effects of GOMORRA on people", with Ciro Priello and Fabio Balsamo telling their point of view.

A story called Gomorra: when and where to see it

The episodes of the docu-series will be broadcast for 4 weeks starting Sunday, October 24 at 9.15 pm on Sky Atlantic, but can also be seen in streaming on NOW Tv. The last episode will be broadcast on November 14, which will then make way for the airing of the fifth and final season of Gomorra starting November 19 on Sky and streaming on NOW Tv.