Goodbye iPhone 12 mini: Apple won’t change its mind this time

IPhone 12 mini didn't guarantee the hoped-for sales, so Apple would have decided not to deny it a successor: thus goes away the most compact iPhone of recent years

No more iPhone mini, an idea espoused by Apple with the iPhone 12 and that will end up in the basement because of the low interest shown by the numbers. It is good to specify right away that at the moment there is nothing official, that this is an indiscretion. But the numbers of the iPhone 12 mini, good in absolute but risked in relation to the sales volumes of the other iPhone 12, do not justify the continuation of the adventure.

The iPhone 12 mini would therefore be the first but also the last smartphone with iOS to use the suffix mini. The decision, according to information obtained by the well-informed, would have already matured in the second quarter of the year, with Apple having already disengaged from producing the smallest applefonino in the range sure that, with the current sales rates, we will quietly reach September with current stocks, when the iPhone 13 will replace the existing range relegating to retirement iPhone 12 mini, which currently represents - it is said - just 5% of total sales of the iPhone 12 range.

No heir for iPhone 12 mini

No iPhone 13 mini, then, and there's no turning back. Already in March there were signs that suggested a slowdown in the production of the current iPhone 12 mini, then, probably a few weeks later, Apple would have decided to say goodbye to an adventure that has not proved as fruitful as it obviously seemed at the eve.

Of course iPhone 12 mini is still in the range and there will almost certainly remain until September, that is until the availability of iPhone 13. Moreover, it is still available for purchase on Apple's website, and those who know the Cupertino company fairly well would put their hand on the fact that it will remain in the range until the last.

The real limit of iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone 12 mini was announced last October along with its "brothers" iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Its particularly small size - even smaller, remember, than those of iPhone 7 - should have been a sufficient plus to seduce many potential customers, but now it's easy to say that the boat didn't sail because, probably, of a battery life not in line with today's standards.

The over 2.

The more than 2,200 mAh battery included in the iPhone 12 mini has clearly not convinced those who use the smartphone on average, and consequently would not be able to get to the end of the day if not with an intermediate charge.

The iPhone 12 mini costs 839 euros for the configuration with 64 GB of storage space, up to 1,009 euros for the 256 GB. However, it's not hard to find it at prices quite lower than the list price.