Goodbye Pin Inps: how to make the Spid and what changes

From October 1 to access the services of INPS you will not be able to use the PIN, but only the SPID digital identity: here's how to have it and what changes

INPS passes from PIN to SPID: to access the portal of the National Institute of Social Security, from October 1 you will need to be in possession of your own digital identity. The change, effective in a few days, was anticipated by a circular, just of the Institute, dated July 17, 2020.

What will change for citizens from the beginning of next month? Until now, to access different services, citizens could be required two types of PIN (personal identification number): ordinary PIN or device. Evolution of the ordinary, the PIN device was necessary for services and benefits of an economic nature accessible or for which it was possible to apply through the portal. The procedure will be different with the adoption of SPID (with credentials level 2 or 3), which will allow access to available services and new ones that will be introduced in the future thanks to a higher level of reliability in the recognition phase of the user. It remains unchanged the telephone PIN, with temporary value, and the identification code for minors, people subject to protection, support administration or without identity documents issued by the Italian Republic but only for services dedicated to them.

From PIN to SPID: the transition phase

Although the date set is October 1, INPS has provided a transition phase to allow users in possession of PIN to SPID. After that, the validity of the old recognition code will expire and it will no longer be possible to access the portal and perform any type of operation.

Some steps of the transition are still being defined, such as what will happen to those who have a PIN and whether there will be a guided adjustment procedure in this case. On this and other points the Ministries of Innovation and Labor are already at work together with the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) and, at the end of the work, an information campaign will be launched for the benefit of citizens. In the meantime, the Institute has shared an informative video with the first important information about it.

SPID: what is it and how to request it

As already anticipated, the SPID system is an identification system, with different levels of authentication, that allows to access and interact with the online services of the Public Administration and private adherents through a single digital identity. Consisting of username and password, SPID aims to effectively counteract any attempts at identity theft.

To apply for SPID you must be of legal age and in possession of certain documents and personal information such as a valid identity document including ID card, passport or driver's license, health card with tax code, email address and cell phone number. Also Italians living abroad can request it with the help of the same documentation except for the health card to be replaced with the tax code.

At this point, one can turn to an Identity Provider, i.e. Digital Identity Managers that, respecting AgID rules, can provide digital identities and manage user authentication to the service. Registration through Digital Identity Managers (currently Poste Italiane, Aruba, Infocert, Tim, IntesaId, Register, Lepida, Namirial and Sielte) is usually divided into three phases, insertion of personal data, creation of credentials and finally recognition. To make the difference between the different proposals, however, may be the possibility of a simplified registration phase (in case of a previous communication of data to the chosen manager), free or paid registration and choice between different levels of security.