Goodbye to Google Now Launcher. Will it be replaced by Pixel?

Big G says goodbye to Google Now Launcher to make way for the new virtual assistant Google Assistant. For users, at least in the coming months little will change

Like a lightning bolt Google announced that by the end of the first quarter will remove from the online store Google Now Launcher, the application that allowed you to use a "pure" version of Android.

Google has announced its choice through an email sent to developers and partners. A decision that could be expected in the coming months, but certainly not now. The Mountain VIew company has developed another launcher, but at the moment it is only available for the Google Pixel (from which it takes its name). With this choice, Big G speeds up the transition process and will make its Google Pixel Launcher available to everyone. The only problem will be Google Assistant, Google's new personal assistant, which is currently only available on the Google Phone.

What will change for users

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Google has assured developers that for users who have installed Google Now Launcher nothing will change, for the moment the application will only be removed from the online store. To make the "death" of Google Now Launcher less traumatic, Google has released the Search Launcher Services libraries that will allow other software houses to integrate Google Now features into their launcher. Alternatively, users will be able to install on their device one of the many alternative launchers to Google Now present on the Google Play Store.

Google Assistant is ready to land on Android smartphones

The news of the retirement of Google Now Launcher foreshadows the arrival of Google Assistant on Android devices. In fact, so far, the Moutain View company's virtual assistant is only available for the Google Pixel. Some rumors give for certain the presence of Google Assistant on the new LG G6 and this news only confirms the hypothesis. In addition, in Google's plans, the new personal assistant will increase the number of searches that users make every day on Google Search and increase revenues for the company.

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