Goodbye to iOS: iPhone OS, Apple’s new operating system, arrives

Apple is reportedly planning to ditch the iOS name and launch iPhone OS. The presentation should take place on June 22

iOS will no longer be the operating system of Apple smartphones: it will be replaced by iPhone OS. The bombshell was launched by Jon Prosser, a journalist always very informed about the events of the Cupertino company (he was the first to leak the prices of the iPhone 12), on Twitter and in a short time has made the rounds of the world.

Apple would be ready to change the name to iOS and the announcement should come at WWDC 2020, the Worldwide Developer Conference that begins Monday, June 22 and for the first time will be held only online. Apple users, however, should not fear any upheaval on their apple phones: the transition from iOS to iPhone OS is painless. In fact, only the name will change, while everything else will be identical, starting from the user interface to the applications. Although there are still no official confirmations from the Cupertino company and unlikely to arrive before the official event at WWDC 2020, the anticipation launched by Jon Prosser may prove true.

In recent years Apple has increasingly linked the name of the various operating systems to the device. The latest example is from last year, when iOS 13 for iPad was renamed iPadOS. And in previous years, the same had happened with watchOS and tvOS.

iPhone OS, what's changing for Apple smartphones

If iOS is truly replaced by iPhone OS, Apple's choice will be purely marketing. At the level of functionality, in fact, will change little for users: the innovations expected for iOS 14 will also arrive on the "new" mobile operating system. Hardly the Cupertino company will decide to completely change the graphical interface with iPhone OS, much more likely that there will be only a few small improvements and innovations.

Such as the arrival of widgets on the home of the smartphone. It has been talked about for several years now and 2020 seems to be the year to see widgets on the iPhone. This would be a very important innovation that could make even more immediate use of the app. Just wait a few days: on June 22 we'll know more.

The iPhone changes name: how it will be called

Not only iOS changes name, but also the iPhone might not be called like that anymore. To say so is Max Weinbach, another very famous leaker, who responding to Prosser has confirmed the arrival of iPhone OS and has relaunched with another bombshell: the iPhone will change its name to Apple Phone. There are many more doubts about this rumor: iPhone has become such a recognizable brand that the Cupertino company will hardly decide to abandon it.