Google, ads will become more intrusive

The year is not off to the best start for the Mountain Views company, which is running for cover by increasing the visibility of ads. Here's where and how we'll see it

Google is testing new ways to leverage ads and increase their visibility in mobile devices. According to several rumors, in the ads shown within the search apps and other apps of the Google ecosystem will soon be inserted real galleries of advertising images, which will allow to multiply the ads shown (and, of course, the earnings of Big G).

Currently, advertisers can sponsor their products and services through several channels. We find them in websites, Youtube or even within the Gmail inbox. But soon we will be able to display advertisements even on services so far unexplored as Google Maps and in the News section. The navigator may suggest to turn, but not before having seen the announcement of a new car or the restaurant around the corner.

Google ads are increasing: here's where we'll see them

Advertising is one of the most important sources of income for Google. Not surprisingly, there are many services that offer companies the opportunity to sponsor products and services. The first months of 2019, however, showed a decline in advertising revenue, so the Mountain View company had to come up with a plan to make up for it. The new strategy involves a greater exploitation of advertisements within mobile devices. Soon, in fact, ads within Google's apps and services will be more persistent. In particular, sponsorships will affect Google Maps and News. But sponsorships will also appear on the home screen of Google search on smartphones.

A new ad gallery

Adverts won't be unique, but will be presented within galleries to browse through. For example, in the middle of a route, Google Maps will present the user with different ads to browse based on their previous searches and online activities.

The ability to display more than one ad in a single space is a real stroke of genius on the part of the company, which intends to increase earnings in this way and recover from the sharp loss of the first quarter. According to Google's ads department spokesperson Prabhakar Raghavan, this type of advertising will earn 25% more interactions than the classic form. In addition, the ads will play mostly images and videos than texts. This suggests that these galleries will be very similar to Instagram's Stories. According to Android Police, the arrival of the new ad galleries is imminent.