Google Assistant improves, but Alexa is still far away

Google boosts the skills of its Google Assistant and aims to conquer the smart device market. Amazon Alexa, however, is still in first place

Digital assistants are spreading like wildfire around the world. Consumers are slowly learning about them and appreciating their features. In this scenario, there are two successful assistants in particular: we are talking about Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The two voice assistants challenge each other in terms of skills.

Both systems want to impose themselves on the market and help people in the management of the home. In fact, with a voice command you can turn off the light, lower the thermostat or perform other actions. Amazon and Google continuously increase the number of available skills, although to tell the truth, Alexa still holds the record. However, the Mountain View giant is not giving up: according to the first estimates of 2019, Google Assistant has actually improved. Let's see why.

Google Assistant vs Alexa: who wins the challenge of skills?

The 2018 was the year of the boom of digital assistants. In our country first made its appearance Google Assistant with the smart speaker Google Home, followed immediately by Alexa with Amazon Echo.

The battle between the two products is fought on the field of so-called skills, that is, the actions that each device is able to perform at the command of the user (for example, turn on a smart bulb). In recent times, Google Assistant has exponentially increased the number of functionalities, reaching 4,250. Despite this, Alexa turns out to be more complete: at the end of 2018, it boasted as many as 56,750 skills. This is because Amazon, right from the start, collaborated with external developers and brands to increase the number of integrated actions.

Despite the difference in skills, an interesting piece of news for Google emerges from the first data released in 2019. Its smart device for the home has registered a higher growth than Amazon's.

The huge number of features present in Alexa would seem to cause confusion to users, who often find themselves in front of duplicate skills and don't know which one is the right one for a specific function.

The goal of Google and its Google Assistant

Google has decided to bet everything on increasing skills and has finally started partnerships with other brands or independent software houses. With this strategy it wants to definitively conquer the market of smart devices and overtake Amazon Alexa once and for all. We just have to wait and see if the Mountain View giant will succeed in its intent.