Google Assistant updates: all the news

Google presented the new version of Google Assistant: faster in responding to users, new GUI and more security

Not only smartphones (Pixel 4) and smart speakers, at the Made by Google event, the Mountain View company also focused a lot on the services offered to users. In particular, Google Assistant, which in the coming months will receive a major update that will make it even smarter and faster in responding to user requests.

On the stage of the Made by Google event was shown a demo with the new features of Google Assistant. What surprised everyone was the speed of response of the personal assistant to any type of question asked by the user. The merit is the new artificial intelligence algorithms that allow you to give faster answers and that aim straight to the point of the problem. The Google Assistant interface has also been redesigned, although this novelty will initially only be available on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Google Assistant 2.0 will arrive in the next few months in the United States and Canada, while for the landing in Europe (and therefore in Italy) will have to wait until 2020.

Google Assistant: the new features

Important news on the privacy side. Among the new features implemented in the latest version of Google Assistant is in fact possible to indicate how long personal data will remain on our Google account, along with the ability to delete them using a voice command.

Google Assistant: the new features

An important new feature on the privacy side. Google has developed a way to reduce network latencies and speed up response tasks by compacting the algorithms of its assistant to run them locally directly on the smartphone (initially this feature will be present only on the Pixel 4. The same stratagem adopted by the Mountain View giant for the small smart speaker Nest Mini that, thanks to the use of a special processor, is able to perform all tasks directly on the device itself.

Google Assistant: when it arrives in Italy

Google Assistant 2.0 will arrive first in the United States and then in Canada. We Europeans will have to wait a little longer: the arrival in Europe and then in Italy is scheduled for 2020. But on the date there is no officiality.