Google AutoDraw, the intelligent software that draws for you

Autodraw uses an artificial intelligence system that can guess the user's drawing in an instant. Accessible from multiple devices

We've all done it at least once in our lives: open Paint, scribble something, close the file without saving it. Imagine if our mindless doodles could be transformed into elaborate designs that have nothing to envy from those of the best designers. Fantasy? Absolutely not.

The credit goes once again to Google, which has recently launched a new tool: AutoDraw. It's a smart drawing system that, compared to the historical Microsoft program, speeds up drawing times considerably. With AutoDraw a simple sketch can be transformed in a few seconds into a defined figure. In fact, the program uses an artificial intelligence technique already seen in other services of Big G. AutoDraw is able to recognize the user's doodle and provide the budding designer with alternative objects.

How AutoDraw works

The operation of AutoDraw is very simple. For example, if we want to make a star, we just have to try to draw it and in an instant the program will provide us with a defined drawing. At this point we'll just have to select the figure suggested by the smart system and that's it. In addition you can add text, change color and many other elements. AutoDraw is very useful because we will no longer have to waste time with a drawing, especially if design is not really our job.

Accessible from smartphones, tablets and PCs

The new Google smart service is accessible both from smartphones and from computers and tablets. At the moment, according to what we learn, AutoDraw is already able to recognize and suggest several figures. And many more are about to be added. If you want to make a poster or simply spend some time, all you have to do is try AutoDraw.