Google Call Screen arrives in Italy: how it works

Google Call Screen has arrived in Italy, and promises to make life a lot easier for those who choose to make use of it: here's what it is and how it works

After the Google Pixel 6 practice, at least at an international level - since in Italy it's expected to be a long wait, unless you resort to alternative solutions - Google is back to focus on what it's historically been good at, that is, improving the user experience through smart features.

These include Call Screen, a "Google-style" solution to make everyday life easier and more comfortable for Pixel smartphone owners. Call Screen is not an absolute novelty, it's a novelty for us Italians: it was presented and distributed in just three countries in 2019, but now it finally arrives in our parts too, in conjunction with the debut of the new Pixels. In fact, Screen Call  relieves the user from the task of answering calls that many consider annoying, namely those from automatic dialers, robots or answerers: Call Screen answers for us, here's how it works.

What is Google Call Screen

Google's Call Screen is a feature that, in short, allows the user to filter out unwanted calls, leaving the burden of answering to Google Assistant. The promise is to delegate Assistant to answer incoming calls to save time for the user, who in this way can know if the call is "real" or behind an unknown number is a call center, robot or auto-responder.

Google has finally extended Call Screen to more countries among which is Italy along with France, Germany, Spain, UK, Ireland and Australia. A good news, "tainted" however by a waiver that we Italians will have to accept along with the fans of the countries just mentioned. Screen Call will not be an automatic responder but a manual one: the automatism will continue to be exclusive to the markets of USA, Canada and Japan.

How Google Screen Call works

This means that in these three regions, i.e. in automatic mode, Screen Call actually responds to our place in full autonomy, so without even the need for the ringer to start, removing the user from the "disturbance" of the incoming call (maybe from a call center). In the "manual" version of Call Screen that arrives in Italy and in the other six countries mentioned above, however, the user, when a call arrives, must choose whether to answer personally or leave the task to Call Screen through a special button.

At this point, the Google Assistant answers, asks the caller who he is and what he wants, showing the transcript of the answers to the user on the screen, who can choose whether to ask Assistant more questions (for example, if it's an urgent or postponed matter), hang up or answer directly. Screen Call in manual mode debuted in the U.S., Canada and Japan back in 2019, so two years ago: the hope is that we don't need to wait another two years to have the automatic response mode in Italy as well, but it is appreciable that, albeit after some time, something has moved.