Google Chrome, new feature to save traffic data

A new feature in Google Chrome allows you to save traffic data: it's all about Lite mode for videos

Saving on data traffic when we surf the internet could be easier with new features coming to Google Chrome for Android devices. The popular web browser could take advantage of the new Lite mode for videos that when activated minimizes the resolution and consumes less data.

Google has always worked on better and more efficient versions of its Chrome browser and this time it doesn't want to disappoint its users. After working on an update to reduce battery consumption, it now aims to save data traffic by forcing the playback of video content in the minimum resolution available. A feature that was being tested for the experimental version of the Chrome Canary browser. To activate it, just select the Enable LiteVideos mode.

Google Chrome, how to activate Lite mode

The Google browser contains a feature that allows you to solve the problems of slow loading of web pages, by activating Lite mode, which saves data traffic. Google's servers are able to simplify the webpage so that less data is downloaded to the device, but it allows you to keep the look and functionality intact.

To activate Lite mode, open the Chrome browser, tap the three dots in the upper right corner and select "Settings". Then select the "Advanced" section and click on "Lite Mode", and finally on "Activate". After using it, you'll also be able to find out the data traffic consumed: by tapping on "Lite Mode" and scrolling you'll find the list of sites you've visited and the amount of data saved. Also, if you turn on Lite Mode for videos, with the new update they will only load in the lowest resolution available, saving you even more data.

Google Chrome, when Lite Mode doesn't work

There are limits to the use of Lite Mode for Google Chrome. For example, it doesn't work when browsing privately, on some websites that may have trouble pinpointing your location, or have trouble using pages on a local network, such as an internal company site. Also, there may be problems with accessing premium data services provided by your carrier, both mobile and website.