Google Duo updates to become the anti WhatsApp

Google Duo updates with new features: group video calls support up to 12 participants and improves video quality

After going on the attack of iMessage, now Google Duo aims to compete with WhatsApp with new features that enrich this messaging and video calling app. Google, in fact, without making too much publicity to this app is still continuing to develop it intensively.

New features that will arrive starting next week and that will cover both some technical aspects, such as the new codec for video compression used for video calls, both the maximum number of people who can participate in a video call, and new features that will be available through the app. These innovations will be available on all versions of Google Duo, which is now available for Android and iOS devices, on all browsers for Windwos, Macs and Chrome OS, and even on smart speakers and smart displays compatible with Google Assistant. Here are the main new features coming in a few days.

Google Duo: the new video algorithm

Already today, thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, Google Duo can greatly reduce background noise and audio interruptions during a call or video call. Soon will be introduced another video compression algorithm, called AV1, which promises a higher quality with the same data bandwidth consumed or a better retention of the video stream in case of poor connection performance. From the samples shown by Google it seems possible to obtain an acceptable video quality already at 30 kbps.

Google Duo: what else is new

In addition to the technical side, Google engineers have also worked on the interface and functionality of Duo. Soon it will be possible to capture screenshots while on a video call, which will be shared with the person we are communicating with. Later the same functionality will be extended to group calls. Group calls that, recently, have increased from 8 to 12 maximum users and that, Google promises, will soon allow even more people to connect simultaneously. But we don't have any specific details on the exact number of people. Finally, on Duo you can already send short video messages to a contact, even adding augmented reality elements. These messages today are automatically deleted after 24 hours of sending, but in the future it will be possible to keep them as a souvenir.