Google Duo, video calls up to 32 people arrive

Google Duo increases the limit for video calls to 32 people, becoming a serious rival for WhatsApp. Here's the news

Seeing the boom in group video calling due to coronavirus, lockdown and smartworking, Google is also continuing to offer more and more advanced features to its video chat service. That is Google Duo, which in just two months has gone from a maximum limit of 8 users per video call to 12, and now to 32.

It is in fact equal to 32 the maximum number of users who can participate in the same video call on Duo, as soon as Google will update its app. The update has already been announced and will probably be available to everyone by the end of the month. Previously, Google had added another feature to Duo: the ability to make video calls from the client for computers, desktops or laptops. Soon, then, Google Duo will be a service advanced enough to compete with Zoom and Skype. In perspective, but limited to video calls, even Microsoft Teams. And, at the same time, the boundary between the services of video calling / video conferencing business and those dedicated to normal home users is becoming more and more blurred.

Google Duo, new limit: video calls up to 32 people

The news of the expansion to 32 participants for video calls on Duo has given the same Google, confirming the rumor to Android Police. The previous increase from 8 to 12 participants, however, dates back to late March. Google has also started sending out email messages in which it explains why to choose Duo for video calls: end-to-end encryption for security, the ability to take and share screenshots of video calls, the ability to add augmented reality effects in real time and the new limit of 32 participants. Google also reminds that Duo can be used from smartphones, tablets, smart displays and web browsers.

Google Duo Vs Google Meet

Seeing the new features already introduced, or soon to come, on Duo, one wonders what the differences are between the two video calling services made in Google, namely Duo and Meet. The first is the service dedicated to home users, the second is the heir to Google Hangouts and is dedicated to business users. The first is free, and the second also, but to get extra features you have to pay. Compared to Duo, Google Meet allows you to connect more users (up to 250 in the same meeting, against 32), share the screen, record video calls and is integrated with Gmail and Calendar. But the real difference between Meet and Duo is told by Google itself in the Meet presentation page: "Google Duo isn't great for business meetings, but it's a great way to stay in touch with friends and family". Meet, on the other hand, was created specifically for work.