Google Fit: the latest news about the fitness and health app

Google has updated its fitness app, now we find a series of customizable widgets, the Diary function and also exercises against stress

The 2018 has been a very productive year for Google Fit, the Mountain View application for physical activity in fact has adapted to the objectives reported by the American Heart Association, the association that fights to reduce deaths caused by heart problems and strokes, and has now also introduced several new features.

Google has announced in its official blog all the new features that we will find on the application downloadable from the Play Store. Functions that will be included in the latest update of the app, whose launch is expected in all over the world in these days. Among the most interesting new features are the customizable widgets. In this way, to keep track of our progress, our workout plans or calories burned every single day we won't need to open the Google Fit app, but we'll just have to click on the widget of the app set on the screen of our Android smartphone to get immediate and comprehensive reports on our physical activity.

Google Fit: here's the new Diary feature for our workouts

One of the main innovations of the latest Google Fit update will be the Diary section. A personal page dedicated to our physical activities where we'll not only be able to record every single workout, but also the intensity and the most particular details of each exercise performed. In case we don't find an exercise among those saved by default on the application we can also enter it manually. Obviously, each workout will assign cardio points to achieve new goals and new levels within the application of Google.

Google Fit: breathing exercises and relaxation

To be in shape nowadays is not enough to exercise regularly, to counteract the hectic and stressful lifestyle we need to do exercises of meditation and relaxation. Google knows this and has added a new feature on Google Fit to allow us to relax after a long day of running. It is basically a series of breathing exercises, manageable by smartphone or Android smartwatch, which are intended to make us eliminate all the stress accumulated during the day.