Google G Suite becomes Workspace: what changes

The Mountain View giant has announced a revolution for G Suite: all productivity and chat apps will be brought together in the new Google Workspace

Say goodbye to G Suite, the Mountain View company has launched its new Google Workspace, in which to bring together all apps dedicated to productivity and chat. From Meet and Drive to Docs, Sheets and Calendar: a virtual space where team members can work and collaborate even remotely on their projects.

Not just a name change for Google's suite, but a total revamp in both the deeply integrated user experience and the features of the services offered. During the lockdown for the Covid-19 pandemic, smart working was a viable solution to keep working, and the need for good tools for teams to work remotely became more urgent. The launch of Google Workspace seems to be an answer to the new needs, but also a challenge to Microsoft and the Office 365 suite, which along with Teams has remained the most popular and used solution by companies.

From G Suite to Workspace

Just like G Suite, Google Workspace provides a personalized email address for the company and includes collaboration tools such as Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Documents, Sheets, Presentations and many others to be able to manage teamwork and collaborate, from any device and wherever a team member is.

The novelty isn't so much in the apps available, which are still those of G Suite, but in their greater integration so that a workgroup can collaborate more easily and quickly on the same files.

Google Workspace, open challenge to Microsoft?

The launch of Google's new workspace seems to want to challenge the success achieved by Microsoft with Office 365 and Teams. The solutions offered by the Redmond company are those most appreciated by various companies, which has always been considered the reference for offering productivity tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even the chat and videoconferencing system Microsoft Teams.

Google Workspace offers similar tools that have the same functionality, the convenience of its own Drive as cloud storage space and most importantly it is implementing Chat and Meet functions for video calls.

Google Workspace, who can use it

The service provides different plans built on the customer, so as to meet the needs of each business. The main difference between G Suite and Google Workspace is the level of integration of the different tools between them: not only a new brand identity, but a new start to improve the user experience. At the moment, Google Workspace is only available for business users, but the company's next step will be to extend the workspace to the education and non-profit sectors as well.